If you are up to buying e.g. a new engine or a generator set, there are many possibilities. But what is best in your specific case? Pasman Motoren & Aggregaten can advice you in the best way.

Our power is that we draw on years of practical experience and that we can call on the technical knowledege of our engineers.

Our priciple
We first analise your specific wishes and needs. The next step then is to seek for the best sollution. This may vary from an adaption of the excisting situation to develloping a complete new customer specific sollution. Our principle: simple if possible, complex when necessary.

What sollution it may be, we can serve you in every situation.

Pasman is also your partner for advice and sales of a wide range of new and used (spare) parts.

All our products are are offered in accordance with the directive of the Association of Importers of Combustion Engines (VIV).


Please click on the links below to download the directive:
General conditions of the V.I.V. sale and supply of products and services. Part A
General conditions of the V.I.V. for preventive and corrective maintenance. Part B