Hydraulic pumps for various applications


Wheter it’s for a hydraulic crane on a ship or for a conveyor belt; Hydropacks are used in several different ways.
Pasman Motoren & Aggregaten develops and builts hydropacks, completely adjusted to it’s specific use.

If a hydropack e.g. is used in the offshore industry, then we provide it with a casing in stainless steel and anodized aluminium. When a user friendly hydrostarter is required, we can offer that as well.

The customer decides how to configurate the set. Some options are:

  • engine and generator power
  • size and volume of the fuel tank
  • adapted frames with or without leak tray
  • sound absorbing casings
  • control systems
  • outside in a special colour or your corporate identity

The advantages of Pasman Hydropacks:

  • customer specific configurated and build
  • composed of reliable and modern engines and pumps
  • purpose adapated control system
  • meet all (emission) regulations
  • quickly available at reasonable prices
  • all systems are tested before delivery
  • apllicable in the on- and offshore industry