Quality and safety

ISO and VCA certified

Pasman Motors & Aggregates attaches great importance to quality and safety. That’s why we are ISO and VCA certified. To ensure that we continue to meet the ISO and VCA requirements, our company is regularly reviewed by an auditing team of the company Lloyds.

Pasman Motoren & Aggregaten Lloyd's ISO certificate

More and more companies require their suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified. They want to be sure that they get quality products  and that they recieve these products in time. Pasman Motors & Aggregates has been in possession of the ISO-9001 certificate since 2002.


Pasman Lloyd's VCA certificate

Our service engineers work with machines, tools, hazardous materials, electricity, in enclosed spaces and at high altitudes. Proper use of personal protective equipment is essential. In addition, governments are increasingly demanding that a company who is carrying out work for them is VCA-certified. Since 2015, Pasman has fully met this requirement. That means that we, as a company, including all employees and executives, have been certified VCA.