Laser alignment with digital precision

Accuracy is a must in order to align engines, propeller shafts and reversing gears. The use of modern high-speed engines requires extreme precision in aligning the different drive components. That accuracy can not be realized with the traditional dial gauges. Therefore we use laser alignment.

Uitlijnen motoren

Any deviation – however small – may already result in overload of crankshaft and bearings. Flexible couplings can intercept small deviations for some time. However, practice shows that damage can also occur in these cases over time.

Also for control
Accurate alignment is not only necessary when installing new engines and drives. Also existing installations must be checked from time to time. For example, because of the lowering of vibration dampers. Many engine manufacturers also demand a regular (annual) alignment check.

More advantages
Alignment with laser equipment is not only more accurate than with traditional dial gauges. The measurement can also be performed much faster. The advantage is also that all measurement data and results are recorded in a comprehensive report. That might be useful when replacing one of the drive components in the meantime. Or if you want to claim your insurance in case of damage to your motor. Laser alignment can keep you from unpleasant and often costly surprises in those cases as well.

 Laser alignment is suitable for:
– Preventive check ups
– Engines, reversing gears, propeller shafts and pumps
– Elektric motors, compressorsand water pumps
– Line boring of cylinder blocks