Caterpillar generator sets




Pasman Motoren & Aggregaten is official distributor of Caterpillar generator sets. High graded sets, which are available in an wide power range in open and closed varieties. Caterpillar gensets are suitable for many different purposes.

Caterpillar Generatorsets

Generator sets of the originally American brand Caterpillar are well known world wide. If you chose fo a Caterpillar aggregate, you chose for a set which is configurated and assembled whith the greatest care. It has been extensively tested and meets the strictest environmental and quality requirements.

Please see the Caterpillar guide*  for a complete overview of all available power ratings .
*Not all models are available in the Netherlands.

Caterpillar C9 open generator set
Caterpillar C9 closed generatorset

Purchasing a Caterpillar generator set via Pasman offers you a number of benefits:

  • expert advice on the specification to be chosen
  • options to customize a standard set
  • one central point of contact for delivery, service, maintenance and warranty settlement
  • the possibility of concluding an attractive maintenance contract
  • all work is carried out by qualified engineers
  • as a Caterpillar partner we can offer at competitive prices
  • many models available from stock

Caterpillar generator set