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HIPERSENSE is an adaptable, modular system that draws electricity from any source of energy, wheter that is wind, water, solar or local grid. It then uses this electricity to power the applications you connect to. With a built in back-up generator and battery pack, this mobile Hipersense system provides a 24/7 stable grid and is capable of storing power. The use of a solid and portable containersystem makes it even applicable for reliable operation in remote areas. Examples for application of the hipersense system are data processing and communication, energy storage, use as local grid and as power supply for emergency hospitals and military purposes.

Combined power
With the Hipersense, Pasman managed to combine different sources of AC and DC power at a various voltage to create a 24/7 a stable grid. Different energy sources are combined and connected to the application you want. The built in generator provides back up power when needed and makes it possible to function autonomous. All the generated energy can be used directly or can be stored. The built in battery pack creates an impressive storage of energy. It is even possible to link several Hipersense units to each other or to a container with extra batteries; all to serve a bigger demand.

Hipersense open achterControl
The high-tech control systems provides clear information about absorption, storage and delivery of data and energy. The electronics developed in cooperation with Siemens provide all information through full color displays about yield, consumption and storage. The settings can be easily adjusted to the desired configuration and any errors can be displayed immediately.

The Hipersense principal can be applicated in many different ways. Placement at a fixed location ensures a stable and sustainable power supply. The power can be seamlessly taken over when power failure occurs. The application of the system in a container makes it possible to have a stable energy source even at the most remote places without infrastructure. This includes applications for emergency hospitals, military applications or data processing and data communications, but also for fesitvals. Because the system is placed in a solid container, it can be easily moved and the equipment is protected against environmental and weather effects.

Hipersense besturing

Unlike many concepts, the Hipersense is physically built and tested. The modular structure enables an exact solution to be tailored to the customer’s wishes. A larger battery pack, a heavier generator set or specific requirements regarding the performance of the container are things that can be easily realized.

Hipersense accupakket

Hipersense provides an electrical output of:
110/220 Volt AC and 330/400 Volt AC at 60/50 Hz
0 – 700 Volt DC.

The remaining specifications can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Consider for example the amount of solar panels, the power of the generator or the number of batteries used; the possibilities are practically endless.

Total package
Hipersense can be delivered as a complete package, including solar panels, wind or water mills. The container can be made in any color or your corporate identity. In order to keep the system in perfect condition, the system can be included in a repair and maintenance contract.